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Manthan awards July 5, 2006

Posted by fredericknoronha in India.

Bijai MandalJust back from Manthan awards… lots of ICT4D stories emerging. Details will be out in early August. But here are some links to the 2005 winners:

e-Business Automatic Milk Collection Centre in Gujarat, Toe-Hold India of Karnataka, PlantersNet.com from Andhra Pradesh.

e-Culture: Honeybee Network from Gujarat, Nudi, the Kannada script-enabling software, Marathiworld.com.

e-Science: Electrophoresis, Delhi. e-Entertainment: World Cup Cricket, Delhi, e-Health Sisu Samrakshak of Andhra Pradesh, ths very interesting and simply initiated IndiaBloodDonors.com from Nagpur in Maharashtra, and Rajasthan’s helpline on HIV/AIDS (sorry, no URL… this seems phone based).

e-Inclusion: aAQUA, almost all questions answered (which I personally found very very interesting and wrote this article on at LinuxJournal.com website.

There also was Vaachak, the text-to-speech software for Indian languages, RGCVAS, the dissemination of information about animal health from the former French colony of Pondicherry, Save The Girl Child from New Delhi, and Disability Indian Network based at Delhi.

In the e-Learning category came Pune-based C-GAP course self-learning kit (also another group doing interesting work), VIIT from Baramati, Chukki Chinna interactive radio instruction programme
(their direct-to-India website located here seems to be having some problems.

BookBox.com is something that surely deserves a closer look. Adventus Learning Management comes from Karnataka.

There’s also the e-Government category (all these links might not take you directly to the projects). Including NISANI: National Identity Card of Uttar Pradesh, Thiruvananthapuram City Police from down south in Kerala, DACNET E-governance infrastructure for globalised Indian agriculture from Delhi, the state-wide attention on public grievance by the application of technology in Gujarat (contact: neetas at gujarat.gov.in), eVikas, the government-to-citizen interface in Himachal Pradesh, and e-cops of Andhra Pradesh.



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