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BytesForAll… laughs at an online chat August 5, 2006

Posted by fredericknoronha in India.

We had a rather interesting — and fun — BytesForAll admin meet-up via chat late Saturday night. Those who took part were: Farah, Reba, Partha, Jehan Ara, Warren Noronha, Fouad Bajwa, and self.

Some issues that came up included:

* Brainstorming on what BytesForAll could do to consolidate its work.
* Building SocialSourceCommons in South Asia:
http://beta.socialsourcecommons.org/ Intereted volunteers ask Partha
to get you access to contribute to this site.
* How BytesForAll started
* Blogging on bytesforall.net and contributing content actively
* Need to update BytesForAll volunteers list on site.
* Possibility of meeting on other Saturdays, with more volunteers
* Pakistan ICT policy monitor pakistanictpolicy.bytesforall.net.
* Bangladesh ICT policy monitor bangladeshictpolicy.bytesforall.net
* Zunaira has moved to Palo Alto
* Choosing a commontag for BytesForAll initiatives. Suggested: b4all,
southasia, BytesForAll, b4all_southasia, b4asa, bytesforall_southasia
* Promoting South Asian content on Flickr, del.icio.us, Wikipedia, etc
* Page of photos (baby photos will do!) with brief details of all volunteers.
* Depending on new techie members Foaud and Warren for site help.
* Need to build/support Pakistan-related ICT mailing list.
* List priorities for potential volunteers, tasks-to-be-done.
* Mentoring young South Asians to set up mailing lists
* Need to improve content flows, discussions around ICT
* Building a list of ICT4D lists… (underway)
* Posting BytesForAll summaries to other lists.
* Attempt to build ICT writers network: https://southasiaict4d.wordpress.com
* Agenda notes for online chat could be placed on Gabbly in advance.
* See Global FLOSS Map ohioh.net
* Building FLOSS skills in South Asia. Can BytesForAll do something here?
* SoftwareFreedomDay.org comes up on Sept 16, 2006.
* Possibility of a ‘Planet’ for software firms.
* Is the Simputer still alive?

Some facts you might have not known:

* Jehan was a writer; Reba, a Java programmer earlier!
* Warren Noronha is 22 years old. Calls himself a retired programmer!
* SPIDER, Pakistan’s internet magazine, costs Rs 50 per issue.
* Read Reba in Urdu on BBC
* WordPress in Your Language
* Urdu poetry site
* Planning an ICTwriters blog (initiative of Reba) here exactly.

What was interesting was seeing Fouad tell Warren: “You have got some good skills, can you help with Drupal + Urdu?” And in no time Warren came back with a solution to start a Drupal Translation Project for Urdu.

This chat started at 11 pm IST and ended at 0145 IST. Quite a marathon…Lest you thought it was a dull and boring affair, there was a hole lot of humour peppering the entire discussion!



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