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From Pune with love, for Google August 16, 2006

Posted by fredericknoronha in India.

Indian Express is reporting that the Pune-based Persistent Systems is helping Google to overcome its limitation in searching for data on corporate intranets and knowledge management systems.

This report, by Rituparna Bhuyan says in 2002

Google released a plug-and-play device — Google Search Appliance — that enabled employees of private companies to search their servers and also external sites. But the hitch was that it had a limited use as certain contents were not compatible with the appliance and hence failed to respond to the request.

Persisten product manager (connectors) Gautam Malkarnekar is quoted in the piece, saying:

We have released two features. The first release was in April and the second one in June. By releasing these two features, we have provided connectivity through which the search appliance will have access to live data stored in servers like Lotus Notes, Domino, MS Exchange through Google OneBox

What does it do?

* It enables employees to search for their colleagues and quickly access full name, department, designation and phone numbers.

* It extends the ability of the search appliance to get all the relevant entries of the employees

* Even if there are aliases, this feature helps the information seeker to get details of the employee, the member list, list description, list owner and so on and so forth.

Of course, care is being taken to ensure that the search operation “does not transgress into other domains and keep a security check on it.”



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