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Spam, content, legal aspects, diversity, human rights, IP-network development… November 1, 2006

Posted by fredericknoronha in Blogs.

Via the IGF Community Site one can find links to some events coming up (at the time of writing) at Athens, Greece. An anti-spam toolkit, a content creation workshop, another legal aspects workshop, an overview of diversity, yet another on human rights and the internet, workshop on IP-network development

An interesting pitch for most of these events. For instance, in the case of spam:

Why you should attend: Because spam is the one thing that everyone can agree we wish to get rid of. To do so though requires understanding of the problem, the various methods that can be used to tackle it, and international co-operation. The workshop hopes to promote all three.

And, in the case of content:

Without content, the Internet is simply wires and electrons. It is not enough for developing countries to have Internet infrastructure available, they also need the content skills to make use of it. This topic is as critical and as urgent as the provision of technical infrastructure.

Well argued. But as our mailboxes drown in spam, and this wonderful tool called the Net remains meaningless to a few thousand millions… don’t we need solutions real fast?



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